Enjoy a helicopter ride at an affordable price! We have a range of options on offer to suit everyones budgets and preferences.

Check out our prices below. If you’d like an extended joy flight, whether it’s for an hour or for a whole day – get in touch for a quote so we can help to accommodate whatever you can dream up.



Scenic Joy Flights – 10 minutes

$90 per person (minimum 3 passengers)

Spend a little longer in the air soaking up our amazing views of the city and the coastline.


_ASC5207Scenic Joy Flights – 15 minutes

$130 per person (minimum 3 passengers)

Travel along the famous beaches of the Gold Coast while still taking in the breathtaking views of the hinterland.


_ASC5101Scenic Joy Flights – 20 minutes

$169 each (minimum 3 passengers)

Experience the joy of flight with our friendly staff as they talk you through the amazing sights of the Gold Coast region.


_ASC5059Scenic Joy Flights – 30 minutes

$229 each (minimum 3 passengers)

After taking in the view of our golden beaches, blue oceans, and the city from the skies, travel over the luscious hinterland taking in the spectacular views as far as the eye can see.

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