A Private Pilot Licence – PPL (H) – is a great option if you want to learn to fly a helicopter, but don’t want to make a career in aviation. You may own your own aircraft, have plans to purchase one in the future, or you simply want to tick a pilot licence off your bucket list. If this is the case, then a PPL is most likely the best and most cost effective option for you.

A private pilot licence allows you to act as pilot in command of a helicopter that is not used for commercial purposes and where you are not receiving any form of remuneration for the flight. You are, however, allowed to share the cost of the aircraft with your passengers.

The minimum aeronautical experience required for the issue of a Private Pilot Licence is 35 hours total flight time, which consists of:

  • 30 hours flight time in a helicopter;
  • 10 hours of flight time as pilot in command (solo); and
  • 5 hours of cross country navigation.

The reality is that you would expect to undertake a minimum of 40-50 hours of flight time to have both the confidence and competence to safely fly a helicopter. However, as a competency based syllabus, if you are ready earlier, we will ensure you are tested earlier.

In order to be issued with a Private Pilot Licence, you must pass both the CASA theoretical exam and the PPL practical flight test. The theoretical exam is a 3½-hour exam that consists of both multiple choice and numerical calculations. The required pass rate is 70%, with the results advised immediately following exam submission.



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