Would you like to be paid to fly? It’s time to gain your Commercial Pilots Licence – CPL (H). A CPL (H) allows you to fly for hire or reward, which simply means not only do you have the best job on the planet, but you also paid for it!

In order to gain a CPL (H) with Surf City Helicopters, you are required to complete a minimum of 105 hours flight time, which consists of:

  • 70 hours flight time in a helicopter;
  • 35 hours of flight time as pilot in command (solo); and
  • 10 hours of cross country navigation.

Learn to fly in one aircraft type or complete the training in up to two different aircrafts, which must include a minimum of 20 flight hours in each aircraft type.

In order to be issued with a CPL, you must complete the minimum 105-hour practical flight training, pass the CASA theoretical exams and the CPL practical flight test. The theoretical exams are made up of seven individual exams as detailed below:

Subject Time  Pass Mark
Navigation 1hr 45mins+ (41 marks total*) Pass 70%
Meteorology 1hr 30mins+ (40 marks total*) Pass 70%
Human Factors 1hr 15mins+ (41 marks total*) Pass 70%
FR & Air Law 2hrs+ (40 marks total*) Pass 80%
Aerodynamics 1hr 30mins+ (40 marks total*) Pass 70%
AGK 1hr 30mins+ (40 marks total*) Pass 70%
Op, Performance & Flight Planning 2hr 30mins+ (50 marks total*) Pass 70%

All exams consist of both multiple choice and numerical calculations. The required pass mark is 70% for each exam, with the exception of air law, which has a pass mark of 80%. Exam results are advised immediately following exam submission.

The theory requires commitment and it is recommended that you undertake your study prior to, or during the early stages of, your flight training. Surf City Helicopters runs regular flight school theory classes to support students.

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